Galvanized Frame Plastic Easy Cleaning Water Curtain for Greenhouse

Cooling pad is made from special paper with honeycomb structure.Cooling pad has high water absorption,high water proof, mildew-resistance and long service life.Cooling pad's evaporation area is bigger than the surface, with cooling efficiency above 80%.

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The use of polymer materials and space cross-linking technology of plastic curtain has a strong water-filled, anti-mildew, long life and other advantages.

Evaporation efficiency of more than 80%

Natural water, the proliferation of fast, lasting performance, not easy to make people allergic substances, green, environmental protection, safety, energy saving, affordable.


1, plastic curtain thickness of 150mm, a reasonable thickness, long service life. Temporarily the most advanced curtains.

2, the size of plastic curtains according to the actual installation needs tailored, can be made into random size. Plastic curtains without box specifications are the following: 600mm * 150mm, 900mm * 150mm, 1200mm * 150mm, 1500mm * 150mm, 1800mm * 150mm, 2100mm * 150mm, with a box height of not more than 2000mm, length of not more than 3000mm, Excessive size leads to insufficient strength, ease of use and installation.

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