Automatic Clean High Thermal Efficiency Electric Greenhouse Heaters

Heating System use diesel or kerosene as the fuel to heat the air,in order to make the using place warm and dry.Heating system's heating effect is obvious, have higher thermal efficiency. Heating System can be used in breeding industry, workshop heating, Such as chicken, duck brood, pig conservation, workplace, warehouse, building site, etc.

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                                                                                                    Electrical heating fan 


Input power 

Fan power 




Control area 











1. Heating up fast, good insulation.

This section of the greenhouse heaters can be reached after 10 minutes to reach the temperature requirements. Because it is a combination of plumbing and wind and heat, it is heating up when the plumbing and wind warm at the same time for the greenhouse heating, to cool the time, we can stop the wind, directly with plumbing, as a long-term insulation will not appear temperature drop The situation, the greenhouse temperature uniformity.

2. Greenhouse heating machine galvanized plate shell, nice style, not rust, strong corrosion resistance.

3. Efficient energy saving and environmental protection.

Greenhouse heaters have proven to be energy efficient, with other heating equipment compared to the average saving of more than 30%, due to the use of heaters through the air heating to form a dynamic cycle conduction heating, not only pollution and a sterilization function, give full play to the air Heating speed of indoor temperature uniformity of the characteristics of the growth of animals and plants to promote the role of water without pressure to ensure the safety of the use of the product.

4. Power, high thermal efficiency.

heaters thermal efficiency ≥ 80%, higher than the average heater to more than 30%.

5. Heating area.

To overcome the heating greenhouse heating room restrictions, significantly improved the warm winter greenhouse heating effect, to solve the cooling from the static cooling to the flow of the conversion, greatly reducing the greenhouse moisture, each group can be heated 200-600 Square meters.

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