Good Quality Galvanized Steel Mesh Rolling Bench for Grow Seedings

Seedbed border for the aluminum alloy, The surface treatment of steel pipe bracket portion and seedbed networks are hot dip galvanizing ,particularly suitable for hot and humid environment greenhouse.Seedbed makes the utilize of greenhouse area is upon 80%.Seedbed's use life 10-15 years .

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Seedlings grown in the nursery house will be transferred to greenhouses for growth up till the harvesting stage. This greenhouse technology facilitates the growing of high quality produce with minimal use of pesticides. The amount of rainwater that reaches the vegetables is also controlled to ensure the maximum growth and harvest possible.


Greenhouse Nursery Bed Specification:


1. Width:1.50/1.60/1.65/1.70/1.75m (optional) and the length depends on the size of the greenhouse.

2. Hot dipped galvanized steel structure or aluminum alloy frame. Heavy duty structure can support more than 70kg/m2 weight.

3. There are two type nursery bed: fixed bed and moved bed.  Fixed bed is fixed on the concrete floor and can move.  The moved bed has a turning handle and the bed can be moved in side direction.

4. There will be a path of 0.6-0.8m between every two benches for staff walking and vehicle come in and out.


The bench steel net diameter of the bed is 4.0 / 3.0mm

Seedbed mesh 130mm X 25mm 130mmX30mm 50mmX50mm

Maximum size of bed: 1.9m X 4m

Seedbed net anti-corrosion treatment: galvanized, hot galvanized

Seedbed net mesh formation, welding firm, good load-bearing, accurate size, easy installation and construction.

With corrosion resistance, anti-aging, anti-acid-base, do not fade, the surface bright and smooth, durable.


1, galvanized beautiful cost is low;

2, hot galvanized beautiful galvanized layer thick corrosion resistance for the greenhouse environment is ideal;

3, electroplating galvanized + electrostatic spray appearance beautiful double-layer anti-corrosion price is moderate;

4, hot-dip appearance of the most beautiful anti-corrosive particularly suitable for greenhouse hot and humid environment.

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