Water Saving Low Cost Greenhouse Mist Irrigation System

Water Saving Low Cost Greenhouse Mist Irrigation System

Micro-spraying is the use of the refraction type, rotation type into a radiation-type micro nozzle to spray the water to the crop leaves and other areas of the irrigation form. Micro-spraying has low working pressure and small flow rate, micro-spraying can increase soil moisture and increase air humidity, and can play a role in regulating local microclimate.

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1. The micro-spray has a range, but the range is close, usually within 5 meters.
2. The degree of atomization of the micro-spraying water is high, that is, the droplets are small, so the impact strength of the crops is small, the uniformity is good, and the seedlings are not harmed.
3. Micro-spraying requires low working pressure and generally works well in the range of 0.7-3 kg/cm2.
4. Micro spray water, usually 200-400 liters / hour. 
5. Micro sprinkler has a simple structure, low cost, easy installation and reliable use.

Technical Parameters

Sprinkler Type360 Gear Drive
Hydraulic pressure280KPA,250KPA,220KPA,180KPA
Spraying range(H)3.3M,3.1M,2.9M,2.7M
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