Greenhouse Covering Film

Greenhouse Covering Film

Greenhouse Covering Film used for the construction of agricultural facilities for construction is superior to ordinary plastic film in terms of light transmittance, heat preservation, tensile strength and aging resistance. Greenhouse Covering Film is of great significance to grow, increase production, and increase income of greenhouse crops.

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What are the Characteristic of Greenhouse Covering Film ?

Thickness70/100/150/200micron film
Light transmission92%
UV transmission300-390%
Life time4-5years

Performance Indicators of  Greenhouse Covering Film:

Resistance to wind load≤0.55KN/m2
Resitance to snow load≤0.30KN/m2
Biggest discharge of rainfall140mm/h
Crop load15 kg/m2
Electrical parameters220 v, 50 hz, PH1/380 v

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