Light Deprivation Blackout Greenhouse

Light Deprivation Blackout Greenhouse

Light Deprivation Blackout Greenhouse is designed to promote complete darkness at some times, while permitting light at others. Blackout greenhouse is composed by hot galvanized pipe as the structure, three-layer curtains which can create complete light deprivation. Light Deprivation Blackout Greenhouse has modern frame structure, high technical, and easy to install.

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Greenhouse structure standard

1, The steel structure design in line with "GB 50017-2003 steel structure design specifications";
2, steel and accessories to be "GB / T13912-2002 metal coating - steel products hot dip galvanizing layer technical requirements" hot galvanized corrosion, smooth surface smooth, galvanized layer thickness ≥ 70μm; 
3,The life time of main structure: ≥15 years 

Blackout system

1.Shading rate 100%. 
2.The light is reflected by the aluminum foil on the surface of the shading curtain. 
3.During the light-dark period, unwanted light accumulation can be prevented. 
4. three-layer material, UV guarantee 5years.

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