Outside Good Quality Anti UV Fabrics Blackout Greenhouse

Blackout greenhouse is designed to promote complete darkness at some times, while permitting light at others. Blackout greenhouse is composed by hot galvanized pipe as the structure, three-layer curtains which can create complete light deprivation. Blackout greenhouse has modern frame structure, high technical, and easy to install.

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Technical Specifications:

• Width: 6 -10 m.

• Shoulder height: 2 - 3m.

• Height to peak: 3.5 - 4.5m.

• Arch pipe diameter: Φ40, Φ60, Φ90mm

• Distance between arches: 1-2 m.




Blackout film

Shading rate 100%. This kind of blackout curtain is suitable for sensitive plants requiring photo period control, such as chrysanthemum; the special structure of its three  layer material can achieve light transmittance. The light is reflected by the aluminum foil on the surface of the shading curtain. During the light-dark period, unwanted light accumulation can be prevented. Although made of three-layer material, the closed curtain can still be collapsed into a small size, to ensure that the crop in its open to get maximum light. Has a good water permeability, the bottom of the curtain will not form condensation droplets. UV guarantee 5years.

1pcs 0.55kw gear motor with control box can open and close the net, including the timer.



1, standardized design, handsome in appearance.

2, to provide a high height of planting, a sense of space, and can effectively control the greenhouse environment.

3, large section gutter, with efficient rainwater discharge performance.

4, the structure design is reasonable, strong wind resistance.

5, high-quality hot-dip galvanized pipe, zinc layer weight ≥ 275 g / m².

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