High Tunnel Tropical Good Ventilation Sawtooth Greenhouse

Sawtooth greenhouse is characterized by the shape of its roof.Sawtooth greenhouse is another kind of fixed roof film greenhouse. Intellectual control system keep suitable humidity,temperature,light and so on.Sawtooth greenhouse especially suitable for hot areas, like Africa, Middle-East, South-East Asia, South-America and so on.

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 Standard Features:


The standard dimensions of this type of greenhouse are:

• Width: 8, 9, 9.6, 10 m.

• Pillar height: 6,4 - 6,90 - 7,40 m.

• Height on gutter: 3 - 4 - 5 - m.

• Distance between pillars: 4m. (inside). 2m. (outside).



Stable, beautiful, and natural ventilation effect is good, good lighting.

Waterproof to rain and air.

Good ventilation due to its high altitude.

Allows installation of roof ventilation downwind.

Strong winds resistance.

It is fast to assemble and needs no welding.


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