Glass Intelligent Automatic Control Multi Span Greenhouse for Researching

Glass greenhouse has good light transmittance, the transmittance of single layer glass greenhouse up to 97%, the double glazing is 88%.Glass greenhouse has good water proof.Glass greenhouse has good Draining ability.

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Technical Specifications:

• Width: 9.6,10.8,12,16m.

• Height to gutter: 3 - 10m.

• Bay size:4/8m

• Glass specification: 5+6+5mm



(1) Wind load: 0.50KN / m2

(2) Snow load: 0.30KN / m2

(3) Maximum permissible rainfall: 140 mm / h.

(4) Hanging load: 0.20KN / m2.

(5) Electrical parameters: 220V, 50HZ, PH1 / 380V, 50HZ, PH3.



1, glass greenhouse has excellent light transmittance, about 90%, the glass room as a whole good sense of good.

2, glass greenhouse in the absence of damage to the case can be used, can reach 20 years.

3, the superior thermal resistance and the ability of UV, wear, life of up to 25 years.

4, thermal expansion and contraction coefficient is low.

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