Easy Assemble Plastic Film Covering Multi Span Greenhouse

Multi Span Greenhouse has flexible structure, strong applicability and wide applicable scope.Multi Span Greenhouse has modern appearance, large gutter for efficient rain water drainage.Multi Span Greenhouse has high wind resistance, high steel quality, high quality locking channel, high quality hot-dip galvanization.

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Technical Specifications:

• Width: 8m

• Height to peak: 4.8-7.8 m.

• Height to gutter: 3--6m.

• Distance between arches: 1m

Gothic greenhouse has the advantages of long service life, high utilization rate of greenhouse space, uniform lighting, flexible structure, large control space, high degree of automation, easy to use and labor saving.


High structural durability and resistance to corrosion.

Efficiency fixing plastic cover. (good seal).

Fast and seamless installation.

More distance from the vent to the crop.

Easy slip condensation.

High ingress of light.



Plastic 150 or 200micron film and 40-60mesh net.

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