Venlo 8mm PC Sheet Insulation Energy Saving Greenhouse for Flowers

PC sheet greenhouse specially used in the big wind and rain area.PC sheet greenhouse has transparency high, and quality light, and anti-impact, and noise, and insulation, and difficult burning, and anti-aging, features, PC sheet greenhouseis a hi-tech, and integrated can extremely excellence, and energy-saving environmental type plastic plate.

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Technical Specifications:

• Width: 9.6,10.8,12,16m.

• Height to gutter: 3 - 10m.

• Bay size:4/8m

• PC sheet: thickness 8/10/16mm


Snow load: 0.3KN / m2

Wind load: 0.4KN / m2

Plant hanging load: 15KG / m2

Maximum drainage: 140mm / h

Power supply parameters: 220V / 380V, 50Hz


PC sheet greenhouse advantages:

1, impact resistance, PC board impact strength is 250-300 times the ordinary glass, how to beat will not be bad.

2, thermal stability, -40 ℃ to +120 ℃ temperature range will not cause deformation, embrittlement.

3, light, light weight, easy handling, drilling.

4, easy to shape, cut off the installation, not easy to break, can be directly cold bending, construction is simple and good processing.

5, anti-fog drops (also known as anti-dew drops), the protection of the greenhouse insulation value is better, not because of the formation of temperature drop droplets caused by plant damage.



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