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Disinfection Technology of Greenhouse
- Aug 11, 2017 -

1, 7-10 days before sowing and planting, each cubic meter of space with sulfur 4 grams, 8 grams of sawdust mix, placed in the vessel burning, usually at night, closed smoked 24 hours. Can also be per cubic meter with 25% chlorothalonil 1 gram, sawdust 8 g mix, lit fumigation.
2, tillage plow layer of soil, covering the plastic film, in the sun closed up the temperature, so that the soil temperature to 60 ℃ above, for 2-3 days. To enhance the sterilization effect can also be applied in the soil before exposure to the soil.
3, the soil tillage, rake, and then to the shed irrigation, so that the soil in the greenhouse bacteria, bacteria in the absence of breeding conditions, kill Fusarium, Ascomycetes and other bacteria.
4, greenhouse greenhouse skeleton and auxiliary facilities can be 1-2% formalin solution evenly sprayed or washed after the closed disinfection.
5, soil disinfection of soil transmission and infection of the disease are Verticillium wilt, bacterial wilt, fusarium wilt. Prevention and treatment of these diseases, can be half a month before planting, along the furrows poured into the formalin 100-200 times the liquid; and then covered with a film and sealed for 5 days. After a week in the pharmaceutical all volatile before planting. But also 50% with carbendazim, 50% methyl Tuojinjin 300 times pouring soil.