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Greenhouse construction and internal sunshade part of the greenhouse
- Jun 22, 2018 -

internal sunshade.jpg

The greenhouse shading system can regulate light to improve the ecological environment in the greenhouse. Every summer when the indoor temperature reaches a certain value, according to different shade rates can reflect part of the sun, and diffuse the sun into the room, even shine, in order to reach the intention of cooling, turn off the shade insulation screen, together to reduce the temperature of the greenhouse 5 ~8 °C, to reduce the temperature in the greenhouse, through the use of different shade screens to meet the needs of different crop light, in addition, this system has hail protection effects.

The internal shading cooling system can adjust the light to improve the ecological environment in the greenhouse. The hot summer shade net screen can block part of the sun according to different shade ratios, and diffuse the sunlight into the interior, evenly shining the crops to protect the crops from the strong light burn, together with the greenhouse temperature drops significantly; both winter to avoid heat loss, Insulation effect.