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Greenhouse performance
- Aug 11, 2017 -


Greenhouse is a light building, and thus light transmission rate is a basic indicator of greenhouse light transmission performance. Transmittance refers to the amount of light entering the greenhouse and the percentage of outdoor light. The light transmittance of the greenhouse is affected by the light transmission performance of the greenhouse light transmission cover and the shadow rate of the greenhouse skeleton, and the light transmittance of the greenhouse is also changing with the different solar radiation angles in different seasons. Greenhouse light transmittance has become a direct contributor to crop growth and selection of crop varieties. In general, multi-span plastic greenhouse in 50% to 60%, glass greenhouse light transmission rate of 60% to 70%, solar greenhouse can reach more than 70%.


Heating energy consumption is the main obstacle to the winter run of the greenhouse. Improve the greenhouse insulation performance, reduce energy consumption, is to improve greenhouse production efficiency of the most direct means. Greenhouse insulation ratio is a measure of greenhouse insulation performance of a basic indicator. Greenhouse insulation ratio refers to the smaller thermal resistance of the greenhouse light transmission material coverage and thermal resistance of the larger greenhouse envelope coverage area with the ratio of the same area. The greater the insulation ratio, the better the insulation performance of the greenhouse.


Greenhouse construction must consider its durability. The greenhouse durability is affected by factors such as aging resistance of greenhouse materials, carrying capacity of greenhouse body structure and so on. The durability of the light-transmitting material, in addition to its own strength, is also reflected in the fact that the light transmittance of the material is continuously attenuated over time, and the degree of attenuation of the light transmittance is the decisive factor affecting the service life of the light-transmitting material. General steel structure of the greenhouse life of more than 15 years. Requirements of the design of the wind, snow load with 25 years in a case of maximum load; bamboo structure simple greenhouse life of 5 to 10 years, the design of wind, snow load with 15 years in a case of maximum load.

As the greenhouse running for a long time in high temperature, high humidity environment, the surface corrosion of components has become one of the important factors affecting the service life of the greenhouse. Steel structure greenhouse, the main force of the structure of the use of thin-walled steel, its anti-corrosion ability is poor, in the greenhouse must be used hot dip galvanized surface corrosion treatment, coating thickness of 150 to 200 microns or more, can guarantee 15 years of use life. For wood or steel welded trusses, it is necessary to ensure that the surface is treated annually.