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Greenhouse watering needs four attention
- Aug 11, 2017 -

Reasonable watering is an important measure to ensure the vigorous growth of greenhouse crops and increase yield. According to experience, the greenhouse watering needs to do the following four note:

(A) see the days of flexible watering

According to the weather conditions, master the "sunny enough to pour, cloudy less pour or not poured, snow days to avoid watering" principle. When the weather from the sunny, the water should be gradually reduced, the appropriate time to elongate; by the sunny sunny, the water from small to large, the corresponding time from the long shorter;

(B) shallow water and should not be too large

At low temperatures, the sheds are slow to evaporate and the water demand is reduced. Therefore, the watering is small and the interval is appropriate. Should be watering or spraying is appropriate, so as to avoid low temperature and high humidity lead crop stubble. After the first two days of watering, easy to cause greenhouse moisture increased, should pay attention to reasonable ventilation cooling, to prevent the disease. Ventilation is generally at high temperatures at midday;

(C) watering should be focused

Greenhouse temperature difference between the various parts of the greenhouse, watering should be different. In the south of the greenhouse and near the heat source of the stove, the flue and so on, the soil moisture and the amount of water close to the evaporation are large, the watering capacity may be appropriate; the greenhouse on both sides and the north is low, the sunshine time is short, some;

(D) proper watering time

Greenhouse watering should be arranged before and after noon to 10:00 pm after 3 pm as well, this period of high shed temperature, the slightest side effects after watering. To avoid the morning and evening watering, to prevent the freezing of vegetables caused. Watering should be done with well water as much as possible, due to higher water temperature, can reduce the physiological stimulation of crops.