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How to cool the flowers in summer
- Aug 11, 2017 -

With the weather getting hot, we have gradually carried out in the summer, this season long sunshine, rain enough, is the most suitable time for plant growth. But too much sun and too high temperature will affect the growth of plants, so cooling is the greenhouse greenhouse production in the important part.

For the sheds of flowers, although the situation is different, but summed up the shade cooling, wet curtain fan cooling, micro-fog cooling, natural ventilation cooling, roof spray cooling, air conditioning and other equipment cooling these six ways.

The effect of dehumidification cooling is of course the best use of air conditioning and other equipment, but this way the cost is relatively high, not suitable for promotion in ordinary farmers. The wet curtain fan cooling is the use of water evaporation and cooling principle coupled with the relevant equipment for ventilation and cooling purposes, this approach is lower than the cost of air conditioning but also need to equip the corresponding equipment. Micro-mist cooling is the water to micron or 10 microns in the form of fog particles into the greenhouse, so that the rapid evaporation, the use of water evaporation latent heat characteristics, a large number of absorption of heat in the air, and then out of the wet air to reach The purpose of cooling. But this method will undoubtedly increase the humidity inside the flower greenhouses, especially if you encounter the north of the "sauna days", the air humidity itself is relatively large when it is not suitable for use. Peak spray is a lot of farmers friends to use the cooling measures, but also depending on their own water source decision.