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Plastic greenhouse structure
- Aug 11, 2017 -

1. The overall size of the plastic greenhouse

Such greenhouses have different structural dimensions in different countries. But on the whole, the general greenhouse span in the 6m ~ 12m, open at about 4m, eaves high 3 ~ 4m. The maximum width of the greenhouse should be limited to 50m or less, preferably about 30m in the joint of the side window and the roof window. The maximum width of the greenhouse is mainly in the area of mechanical ventilation. Extended to 60m, but preferably limited to about 50m; the length of the greenhouse, (from the point of view of ease of operation) is best limited to less than 100m, but no strict requirements.

2. The main structure

Plastic greenhouse structure is generally used hot-dip galvanized steel pipe as the main bearing structure, factory production, on-site installation. As the weight of the plastic greenhouse itself is light, the wind and snow load resistance is weak, so the stability of the overall structure should be fully considered, generally in the second or second room to set up vertical vertical bracing, in the greenhouse The outer envelope and the roof should also consider setting the necessary space support. It is best to have oblique support (oblique rod) anchored to the foundation, the formation of space force system.

Plastic greenhouse structure at least have the ability to resist 8 wind, the general requirements of wind resistance up to 10.

The snow load carrying capacity of the main structure is determined according to the actual snowfall conditions in the construction area and the winter use of the greenhouse. Used in the north, the design of snow load should not be less than 0.35kN / square meter.

For the annual operation of the plastic greenhouse, should also consider such as equipment weight, plant lifting, maintenance and many other load factors.