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Six Characteristics of Film Roller for Greenhouse;
- Jun 12, 2018 -

The membrane coiler is an indispensable auxiliary equipment for building greenhouses. It can be divided into two types: manual coiler and electric coiler. The manual film winder is rolled by the handle to drive the rolling film shaft, so that the plastic film in the greenhouse is rolled up layer by layer. The electric film winder is mainly driven by the motor to drive the roll film shaft to roll, and the film is rolled up to complete the opening and closing of the ventilation window. In general, the commonly used hothouse film winder has the following six characteristics:

(1) The rotational speed is waiting until the torque planning is reasonable, so that the farmers' friends are more energy-efficient and convenient to use in the construction of greenhouses;

(2) Gears, gear shafts, two-way self-locking equipment, and other critical parts are selected from the national standard steel and refined by professional heat treatment to ensure durability;

(3) The shell is a cast aluminum raw material, which is selected from the fine die-casting one-step molding process, and the appearance accuracy is very high;

(4) There is a hole in the crank handle at 2/3, where the equipment handles the handlebars, then the turning radius of the handlebar is reduced, so that the small space greenhouse can also be used;

(5) The surfaces are both galvanized and sprayed with double rust-proof maintenance. The standard parts are made of stainless steel.

(6) There is a self-locking device inside. During the opening and closing process of the film winder, it is possible to complete the suspension and launch of the arbitrary orientation without any auxiliary equipment and to reduce the burden on the friends of the farmers.

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