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The basic conditions to be considered in the construction of vegetable greenhouses
- Aug 11, 2017 -

As a modern important agricultural production facilities, vegetable greenhouses construction has become a very concerned issue. A reasonable, high quality vegetable greenhouses, can make the production with less. Here, we introduce the construction of greenhouses need to consider the most basic two conditions:

Water conditions: generally in the cold season, the ground water temperature is very low, not suitable for greenhouse irrigation, it is best to use groundwater. Depth of three to ten meters of well water, perennial to maintain fourteen degrees Celsius temperature, each 30 meters deep, the water temperature to increase once. Early spring if the depth of one hundred meters of electricity and water irrigation, the ground flow distance and near, the water temperature can reach 15 to 17 degrees Celsius, it is suitable for greenhouse vegetable irrigation. So the construction of plastic greenhouses is best to have a closer groundwater source.

Traffic conditions: plastic greenhouses gradually to large and large area of development, production and product transport volume, so choose the shed to consider the convenience of transportation. Taking into account the management conditions, the greenhouse is located closer to the village, usually easy to manage, in the event of snow disaster, but also mobilize the masses in time to rescue.