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The Efficiency Of The Multi-span Greenhouse
- Jul 09, 2018 -

For many years, we have focused on the design and construction of multi-span greenhouses, and have had a meticulous grasp of the construction and performance of multi-span greenhouses. Multi-span greenhouses play a very significant role in the growth of crops, and their main functions are as follows:

1. Moisturizing and moisturizing: The shading and heat preservation system can also prevent the uncontrolled escape of indoor water vapor and effectively maintain the air humidity.

2. Insulation: In winter, the insulation shade screen has the function of preventing the indoor infrared radiation from escaping, reducing radiation heat loss on the ground, thereby increasing the indoor temperature, reducing energy consumption, and greatly reducing the operating cost of greenhouses in winter.

3, cooling effect: In summer, the use of insulation shade screen can reflect some of the excess sunlight, and diffuse sunlight into the greenhouse not only to ensure normal crop growth, but also reduce the indoor energy concentration, thereby reducing the greenhouse temperature, protect crops from Intense light burns and the room temperature drops 3-5°C.

4, adjust the sun rate: Through the use of different curtains or adjust the opening and closing of the curtain, it is possible to become a different shade rate to meet the needs of different crops and people on the sun.

The multi-span greenhouse has the advantages of high land utilization rate, high degree of indoor mechanization, low energy consumption per unit area, and even indoor temperature and light environment, which are more suitable for the requirements of development of modern facility agriculture, and meet the needs of integration of future facilities agriculture into high-tech development and modernization. The inevitable development trend of mechanized agriculture. Today we come to talk about the structure of the multi-span greenhouse.

The multi-span greenhouse is a double-roof greenhouse from the roof lighting surface, and becomes a full-light greenhouse. It belongs to the greenhouse where both sides of the roof are illuminated. According to the form of roof can be divided into: "people" word roof, arch dome, sawtooth, flat roof, modeling roof.

The multi-span greenhouse has both the architectural characteristics and the mechanical product characteristics. Therefore, while the multi-span greenhouses have utilized the land area to the greatest extent, they have also reasonably equipped a certain mechanized environmental control equipment.

According to the architectural characteristics of multi-span greenhouses, we generally use the dimensions of the unit and the overall dimensions to describe the building size characteristics of the multi-span greenhouse. China's current greenhouse building modulus is usually 100mm.

The overall size of the greenhouse determines the scale of the greenhouse and the size of the greenhouse. Generally speaking, the larger the greenhouse, the better the climate stability within the house and the corresponding reduction in the unit cost, but the total investment increases and the management difficulty increases. Therefore, it is difficult to make a conclusive statement on the suitable scale of greenhouses. It can only be determined comprehensively based on medium requirements, site conditions, investment, and other factors. However, from the perspective of meeting greenhouse ventilation, the ventilation dimension of natural ventilation, literature, and history should not be larger than 40m. The area should be 1000-3000m2; the distance between the intake and exhaust of the mechanical ventilation greenhouse should be less than 60m, and the single building area should be 3000-5000m2.

The mechanical characteristics of multi-span greenhouses refer to some regulated environmental equipment in greenhouses. The role of greenhouses is to provide a man-made and regulated growth environment for crops. This environment can provide important conditions for temperature, light, fertilizer, and gas for the growth of crops. . Including heating system, window system, ventilation, cooling system, curtain system, irrigation system, electrical system and a series of modern mechanical equipment.

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