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The importance of insect nets to greenhouses
- Jun 19, 2018 -

Greenhouses are equipped with pest control nets. Insect nets are generally black and white, and a common silver gray has a good evasion effect on locusts. You can select colors according to practical application needs. In addition, the greenhouse prompts us to pay attention to the following issues in the equipment pest control network: First, greenhouses should use high-temperature stuffy sheds or spray low-toxic pesticides to kill parasites and larvae in the soil before sowing or planting.

Second, when planting greenhouses, seedlings are best brought into the shed, and choose strong plants without pests and diseases.

Multi-span plastic greenhouse

Third, to strengthen daily management, revolving door into and out of the greenhouse to shut the shed door, in the cultivator operation before the relevant objects to be disinfected to prevent the introduction of the virus to ensure the effectiveness of insect nets.

Fourth, we must always check whether there is a tear in the insect net, and if it is found, it should be promptly repaired to ensure no pests in the greenhouse.

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