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The Principle Of Selection Of Greenhouse Accessories
- Jul 17, 2018 -

Here are the types of greenhouse accessories

U-shaped card: shaped like "U", so named U-shaped card, it is used for the diagonal braces and arch pipe intersections, the diagonal braces and arch pipe play a fixed role.

Card slot: also called film slot, that is, the slot for pressing film. The factory produces 0.5mm-0.7mm windproof card slots. The slot is 4 meters each, if the customer needs to specify the length, it can also be customized. The connection between the card slot and the card slot requires the use of a connector.

Connecting piece: connect two ends of the card slot together and do not need any external fixation.

Circlip: The circlip has two kinds of plastic circlip and plastic circlip, and its main function is to fix the film in the slot, fixed firmly, and not easy to fall off.

Slot holder: Its function is to fix the slot and arch pipe. Firmly fixed, not easy to fall off, easy to disassemble for secondary installation.

Film-rolling equipment: divided into film reel and film roll rod, installed on both sides of the greenhouse, and the middle part of the two card slots. The film is wrapped around the outer side of the film film roll, and the film roll is rolled by the film reel to insert the film groove. The film (apron) was rolled up and played a ventilation role for the greenhouse. Generally, the distance between the air passages was one meter.

Stencil line: After the film is installed, the film is pressed between the two arched tubes by the film line. The advantage of using a lamination line is that it is not easy to damage the film and it can also hold the film tightly. The bottom line of the lamination line can be buried in the ground through the pile, or it can be directly tied into the soil buried in the brick.

Shed combinations: including door pillars and doors.

Film: 15 filaments, 20 filaments.

Pressure card: used in two aspects, one is to stick the film on the film rod; the other is to stick the film on the arch pipe of the shed, so it is not easy to hurt the film and it can be fixed.


Greenhouse shed parts can often bring us relatively good harvest, so we need to do a good job of handling it when we choose. For example, in order to make greenhouse components really play a role, they often need to make stringent selection and implementation standards in their performance.

Here's to introduce to you the principles of selection of greenhouse accessories. First of all, let's say that some greenhouses often have a lot of requirements for their light transmission, because we can see that greenhouses can play a practical role, mainly because they have good lighting rates. Therefore, when selecting professional greenhouse accessories, it is often necessary to choose some products that have obvious advantages in terms of light transmission. This will give us special convenience.

In addition, in order to solve these problems, it is often based on the growth characteristics of plants to make improvements. Some plants have high requirements for their light transmittance during their growth, so they need to make appropriate choices. When selecting accessories, it is often necessary to pay attention to whether it has good insulation properties.

Finally, when winter crops are cultivated, it is often seen that the proper temperature is a particularly critical factor, and only suitable accessory products that have a good advantage in terms of thermal insulation properties can be found. Therefore, when selecting greenhouse accessories, it is often necessary to see if it has good insulation properties, so that it can make good use of the product.