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The role of the greenhouse
- Aug 11, 2017 -

In the season is not suitable for plant growth, can provide growth and increase production, more for low temperature season hi temperature vegetables, flowers, trees and other plant cultivation or nursery and so on. There are many types of greenhouse, according to different roof materials, lighting materials, shape and heating conditions can be divided into many types, such as glass greenhouse, plastic polycarbonate greenhouse; single greenhouse, multi-span greenhouse; single roof greenhouse, double Roof greenhouse; heated greenhouse, no greenhouse and so on. Greenhouse structure should be sealed insulation, but should be convenient ventilation cooling. Modern greenhouse with the control of temperature and humidity, lighting and other conditions of the equipment, with the computer automatically control the plant to create the best environmental conditions.
The greenhouse is made of a light-covering material as a whole or part of the envelope material, which can be planted in the winter or other seasons for improper open field plants.

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