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Vegetable shed construction of two kinds of arch material
- Aug 11, 2017 -

Vegetable greenhouses construction of the arch material selection is relatively fixed, there are two types of commonly used, one is bamboo and wood as the main material, the other is hot-dip galvanized thin-walled steel pipe as the main material.

It is more common for greenhouses with bamboo and wood as arch material. The advantage is easy to draw, easy construction, low cost, only need two or three thousand dollars per acre; but the disadvantage is the low cost of arch, poor resistance to snow and snow, wood and bamboo pole easily rotten rotten, so every year need maintenance and Replacement, operation and management is not convenient.

While another hot-dip galvanized thin-walled steel pipe for the arch material of the greenhouse is slightly upscale. As the use of materials is relatively good, so it is high strength, anti-snow and snow ability, anti-corrosion performance, high transmittance, operation and management is also more convenient, but continuous use for more than a decade, long life. Correspondingly, its cost is relatively high, need a one-time investment more money, suitable for long-term greenhouses customers.