Anti Insect Cold Frame Plastice Mesh Insect Net Greenhouse for Bird Proofing

Insect net greenhouse can protect plants from insects. Insect net greenhouse has long lifetime and good quality, meanwhile with low price.Insect net greenhouse use high quality polyethylene as raw material,weaved by wire drawing,tensile,heat&water&corrosion resistance,non-toxic and tasteless.

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Net house Greenhouses also called shade or shadow greenhouses, consist of the simplest structures within the different types of greenhouses.


Impact net advantages:

1. Pest control: Pest control against cabbage, caterpillar moth, cowpea pod borer, Liriomyza lucidum control effect of 94--97%, aphid control effect of 90%.

2. Disease prevention: greatly reduce the infection of vegetables and viruses, control effect of about 80%.

3. Adjust the temperature, soil temperature and humidity Insect net room rain can reduce the amount of indoor precipitation, sunny days can reduce the amount of indoor evaporation.

4. Cover light: Insect net can play a certain shading and anti-light direct effect, 20-22 mesh silver gray insect net general shading rate of 20-25%.


Structure advantages

Cheap and easy greenhouse.

Highly adaptable to the geometry of the field.

High light uniformity.

Fast to assemble and needs no welding.  


Standard Features

The standard dimensions of this type of greenhouse are:

• Width: 8 - 9.60-10 m.

• Abutment height: 6 m

• Distance between arches: 8 - 9.60 - 10 m. (inside) 5 m. (outside)

•Racks perimeter reinforcement

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