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​Glass Greenhouse And Plastic Greenhouse Which Insulation Is Good?
- Aug 11, 2017 -

Temperature is the basic condition to ensure the normal growth of agricultural crops, greenhouse is a kind of agricultural crops for the normal growth and rapid growth to create a suitable environment for the insulation of agricultural facilities. Insulation is an important task in the greenhouse production of greenhouse, and it is also necessary to choose a suitable covering material.
In order to detect which insulation material is better, we chose two greenhouses near 35 degrees north latitude, at the end of March to test, respectively, glass greenhouse and multi-span plastic film greenhouse. In the case of non-manual heating, in two greenhouses in different weather, every hour to measure the indoor temperature and make a record.
Through our practice analysis found that: plastic greenhouse heating temperature significantly during the day, the night temperature drop is also obvious, night insulation effect is not obvious, and glass greenhouse in the day and night insulation effect than plastic greenhouses better. Glass greenhouse insulation performance is better than plastic greenhouses.
Glass greenhouse modeling beautiful new, good light transmission, thermal insulation is also better. Plastic greenhouses economical and practical, low cost, you can choose according to the needs of production and planting.