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Greenhouse Manufacturers To Explain The Principles Of Glass Greenhouse
- Aug 11, 2017 -

Glass greenhouse is a hot galvanized steel skeleton, glass as a lighting material greenhouse, greenhouse and around the top of the special aluminum, in the cultivation facilities, the glass greenhouse as the longest life of a form, suitable for a variety of areas And use under various climatic conditions. The greenhouse can be fully automatic control, supporting facilities optional, outside the shade system within the shade system fan curtain cooling system top window ventilation system fill light system seedbed nursery system sprinkler system computer control system.

1, to understand what is the atmosphere of the insulation effect? (Earth's atmosphere on the sun short-wave radiation is almost transparent body, most of the solar radiation can be fired through the atmosphere to the ground, so that the ground warming; the atmosphere on the ground long-wave radiation is the insulation , The ground radiation released by the vast majority of heat trapped in the atmosphere, and through the atmosphere of radiation and heat back to the ground.People the role of the atmosphere, known as the atmospheric insulation effect.

2, how to understand the greenhouse effect of glass greenhouse? Glass role similar to the role of carbon dioxide insulation. Solar shortwave radiation can be through the glass and plastic greenhouses to make room temperature, the indoor surface after the release of ground radiation is blocked by glass or plastic greenhouses, reducing the loss of heat. At the same time, the glass also prevents the outside (warm) outside (cold) air from convective or turbulent heat exchange, making the greenhouse temperature higher than the outdoor. The same time as

(3) the temperature of the greenhouse to improve the temperature of the greenhouse to reduce the impact of winter low temperature on the impact of agriculture, so that crops can also be in the winter Planting; ③ conducive to maintain, adjust the greenhouse air and soil moisture.)