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Greenhouse - The Main Force Of Future Agricultural Development
- Aug 11, 2017 -

In the use of greenhouse, there are still low utilization rate, the economic benefits are not high problem. The current use of plastic greenhouses, should pay attention to reasonable arrangements for stubble, so that the full play of the role of the greenhouse to achieve the purpose of increasing revenue. The crop arrangement can be divided into three basic types:

1) to cultivate the main type of stubble. Greenhouse greenhouse by spring cultivation (pepper, tomato, cucumber, green beans, etc.), autumn after cultivation (pepper, tomato, etc.) and winter nursery (eggplant, melons, beans) three stubble composition. Spring in February heavy, late start, eggplant, melon seedlings after planting with a small shed with a straw gate insulation, in mid to late April to market. Autumn delay cultivation of tomatoes, pepper late antifreeze insulation, can be extended to New Year's Day market. Winter nursery is mainly tomatoes, peppers, eggplant seedlings (3-4 slices of true leaves) in the shed with a multi-layer cover, the dishes on the end of the end of November.

2) to nursery-based stubble type. From the winter nursery, spring system and autumn leaves after the cultivation of stubble composition. Nursery from the beginning of December, shed with electric hotbed, can be directly sowed. But also in the hotbed of the seedlings planted in the cabinet, during the winter to use a small flail, grass gate insulation. In the spring, after planting the seedlings, the father of the pepper or tomato seed is planted, and the mother of the car is checked (and the original species of the various parents can be propagated). As long as the mastery of seed production technology, such as pepper generation hybrid early abundance 1, per mu yield up to 2000-2500 kg. This kind of stubble arrangement has high economic efficiency, can cultivate a large area of vegetable fields.

3) the type of stubble-based stubble. From the winter and spring system to keep species, summer nursery and autumn after the cultivation of three stubble composition. In winter and spring for cabbage, cabbage and other cruciferous vegetable system to maintain species, usually planted in December plant species, spring back to keep the roof of the greenhouse rain. Around the skirt to change the plastic yarn apron, for the anti-insect pollination, to ensure seed quality. July mid to late can be used this shed autumn autumn tomatoes, cauliflower and other vegetables. This arrangement is mostly used for improved breeding ground, agricultural research units.