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Intelligent Greenhouse Automatic Sprinkler
- Aug 11, 2017 -

Smart Greenhouse Walking Sprinklers are able to achieve the desired uniformity of the spray water on the ground by the dense arrangement of the micro-nozzles, and the direct spraying can achieve good irrigation results, making it particularly suitable for container cultivation and the need for high spray Uniformity of the use of greenhouse production. Intelligent greenhouse sheds Sprinkler is generally used to spray water can be evenly distributed, and the size of the water droplets are basically the same low-range micro-nozzle, such as slotted micro-nozzle, centrifugal micro-nozzle, eddy current micro-nozzle and so on. The uniformity of the sprayed water on the ground should be more than 90% (the uniformity of the spray in the ordinary fixed micro-sprinkler system is only about 70%). In addition, because the walking spray machine can get a high uniformity of spraying in the greenhouse production can also be equipped with fertilizer or dosing device, the use of walking irrigation machine on the greenhouse greenhouse crop fertilization or spraying operations, Not only can greatly reduce the labor intensity, but also can improve the utilization of fertilizer, drug use, reduce greenhouse environmental pollution. Therefore, walking-type irrigation machine is increasingly used in modern greenhouse production.