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Optimization Of Sunshine Greenhouses
- Aug 11, 2017 -

In the water conservancy premise is better, thick soil, fertilizer and water ability, easy to power, not rely on large buildings and away from the dirt road area, and relatively concentrated, easy to machine full Use and group equipment investment. The existing greenhouse, according to the structure of the wall can be divided into no wall saddle structure, mound compaction structure, grass and pile structure, slurry masonry structure of four types; according to the greenhouse structure can be divided into column structure and no Column structure two. Now the implementation of the greenhouse to improve the introduction of the following.
The construction of solar greenhouse should meet the following prerequisites. First, there must be a solid insulation, the side of the maintenance of the wall and the sunset receiving surface; Secondly, there must be sufficient slope of the support frame and easy to keep the curtains chisel; Moreover, to design a good watering equipment and easy Products and machinery into and out of the channel and equipment control room; the rest should be in advance to foot base fertilizer, greenhouse engineering excavation suitable for plant cultivation ditch, hole, but also the soil for drug treatment.