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PO Film Characteristics
- Aug 11, 2017 -

(1) high transparency: PO film using high-grade olefin raw materials, low haze, high transparency. So that the morning light transmission rate is high, the scattering rate is low, so that the morning will be heating up quickly.

(2) continued to eliminate fog, drip ability stronger; PO film with anti-fog spray coating drying treatment, can inhibit the fog generation, eliminate fog drops can be achieved with the plastic film life synchronization.

(3) strong thermal insulation properties: PO film internal use of high-tech special organic insulation agent, so that the shed outside the infrared radiation is mostly reflected back. Effective control of the heat loss, to ensure that the crop growth temperature at night, shortening the maturity.

(4) long life: PO film using high-tech antioxidant and light stabilizer, greatly extending the life of the plastic sheeting, the normal use of up to three years.

(5) strong tensile strength: the raw material has a strong tensile strength and tear strength.

(6) anti-static, non-dust: PO film using nano-technology, four-tier structure. Surface anti-static treatment. No precipitation, easy to adsorb dust, to achieve long-term high light transmission effect.

(7) to reduce pests and diseases, suitable for pollution-free vegetable production: PO film to make the shed enough light, fast temperature, early release, relative humidity, pests and diseases. UV through more, sterilization performance, can reduce the number of medication more than 30%. Very suitable for green vegetable cultivation.

(8) increase production income, early listing: PO film light transmission performance, strong photosynthesis, high temperature, natural yield is high. Can be added 10-25%. Crops grow fast, usually early listing 5-10 days.

(9) PO film moderate UV transmission, so that the shed near the field planting environment. Planted fruit crops are bright, uniform, taste good, superior quality.