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Vegetable Shed Construction Should Pay Attention To What The Problem
- Aug 11, 2017 -

Vegetable greenhouses construction is now a lot of vegetable farmers choose the way of planting vegetables, especially in the development of vegetables through vegetables and rely on the import and export of Shouguang vegetable greenhouses is more widely used. In the construction of vegetable greenhouses should pay attention to four major issues:

1, two vegetable greenhouses between the small spare position, resulting in a good greenhouse construction after the rain can not be discharged, the winter snow accumulation of the situation.

2, the greenhouse soil slope on the lack of protection measures, so that summer often washed by rain, which affected the use of greenhouses.

3, vegetable greenhouses in the greenhouse when the last two rows of column spacing is too large. Between the two rows of columns in the shed, the top of the shed part is often parked in the curtain and rolling machine parts, this site can be said to be the most stressful place, often make the above skeleton deformation The

4, in the winter season, the lack of greenhouse insulation is the protection of insulation, resulting in a lot of greenhouse users of vegetables were frozen, seriously affecting the efficiency of the use of greenhouses, but also to the farmers caused serious economic damage. So the construction of vegetable greenhouses should be covered with insulation.