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Wenluo Glass Greenhouse
- Aug 11, 2017 -

Wenluo glass greenhouse with beautiful appearance, good light transmission, display good effect, long life, low prices and so on.

Wenluo glass greenhouse structure: greenhouse top window with rack and pinion drive, ventilation rate of up to 27%; according to user needs, the greenhouse can be installed on both sides of the wet curtain and fan, but also in the two end and side of the installation of aluminum Sliding window, flat window or side window. Product attributes Wenluo glass greenhouse with hot-dip galvanized light steel structure, A-shaped roof, can be divided into a spanning 2 spire, a spanning 3 spire, a spanning 4 spire; made with 4mm or 5mm thick float glass, the Material has a high transmittance, good sealing, good lighting, high strength, fire-retardant and other advantages, is the preferred high-end ornamental greenhouse cover materials.

Wenluo glass greenhouse features: a multi-spire, with a small roof, multi-ditch, large span and other characteristics; lighting area, indoor light uniformity; a strong drainage capacity, a large area of continuous building; Function, in the gutter set under the dew condensation tank, you can collect the dew exposed to the greenhouse after the end of the discharge to reduce the occurrence of pests and diseases; internal bright and spacious, large operating space, high utilization of greenhouse.