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HuiFa Group
Huifa Greenhouse is a professional greenhouse manufacturer and specialized in top quality greenhouse and greenhouse equipment production, research and sale over 15 years located in the center of China. Greenhouse growers get good benefits from our blackout greenhouse, automatic controlled greenhouse, polytunnel greenhouse and greenhouse growing facilities, etc.
We started as a small business, but now have become one of the leading suppliers in the greenhouse industry and committed to the modern intelligent greenhouse equipment, serve worldwide customers with reliable greenhouse products, most suitable greenhouse solution and strong factory customization ability; 10+ years exporting experience to confirm the goods you get fit well in your area; Engineer overseas guiding installation make greenhouse growers easier...
Export Experience
15+ years factory experience & export
Customized Solutions
Professional engineer team for most suitable solution
Exporting Country
Currently exported to more than 100 countries
Product Repurchase Rate
62.8% customers reorder
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