Cannabis Cleanroom & Warehouse
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Cannabis Cleanroom & Warehouse
Cannabis Cleanroom & Warehouse
Cannabis Cleanroom & Warehouse
Cannabis Cleanroom & Warehouse
Cannabis Cleanroom & Warehouse
Cannabis Cleanroom & Warehouse
Cannabis Cleanroom & Warehouse
Cannabis Cleanroom & Warehouse
Cannabis Cleanroom & Warehouse
Cannabis Cleanroom & Warehouse

Cannabis Cleanroom & Warehouse

We supply cannabis  indoor planting turnkey solutions.


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Factors that affect healthy cannabis growth are temperature, humidity, airflow, lighting as well as other airborne contaminants such as mold or insects. While factors like humidity, light exposure and water may be easy enough to control in any indoor environment, other influential factors can be more difficult to control, such as mold or other contaminants. Growing in a controlled cleanroom environment ensures healthy, high-quality cannabis by mitigating some harder-to-control threats. A cleanroom is a special facility utilizing a controlled environment. This limits the level of pollutants such as dust, airborne microbes, aerosol particles, and chemical vapors.


cannabis cleanroom layout

cannabis cleanroom layout


A cleanroom facility is a specially designed room or modular addition designed to support a tightly controlled grow environment for crops. The design of the cleanroom relies on several design features to deter issues with pollutants, such as insects, mold, airborne microbes and dust. Even though cleanroom environments are often affiliated with cultivating certain types of crops, these facilities are also valuable in other industries, such as medicine, biology and pharmaceuticals.

*Cleanroom-rated HEPA (high-efficiency particulate arrestor) filtration.

*Contamination control mats.

*Positive-pressure airflow systems.

*Double-door air chambers at entry points.

*Moisture-resistant wall panels.

We build cleanrooms in standard sizes, but we can also accommodate custom designs as needed. We can design, build, and custom engineer technology and parts to fit any application.


Features of  Cannabis Warehouse

1. It is less disturbed by external climatic conditions, and the internal environmental climate is easy to control, which guarantees the cultivation of high-quality crops.

2. Reinforced steel structure design, excellent wind and snow resistance, 12 meters span, can also be customized according to local wind and snow loads;

3. The surrounding and top are covered with polyurethane thermal insulation board, which has good thermal insulation effect, low energy consumption and low operating cost.

4. Larger planting space brings better care of hemp.

5.The Light Dep system is not an afterthought or retrofit into this structure, it is the purpose.


1. Shell structure and grounding

PU color steel sandwich panel partitions and ceilings, as well as aluminum alloy accessories, anti-static epoxy self-leveling, and dedicated purification doors.

2.Supply and return air systems

Medium efficiency booster air box, high-efficiency air supply unit, aluminum alloy return air louvers, etc.

3.Electrical and distribution cabinets Distribution cabinets

Lighting distribution cabinet, ceiling purification lamp, ultraviolet sterilization lamp, multifunctional socket, lamp, socket wire, equipment cable.

4.Air conditioning system

Heating or cooling, humidification or dehumidification, and purification equipment;

The air conveying equipment and pipelines that send the processed air into each clean room and circulate it;

5.Water supply and drainage system

Irrigation and indoor water supply and drainage systems


Purification workshop level: 100000 level purification space

Temperature setting: 23 ± 2 ° C

Humidity setting: 50 ± 5%

Illumination setting: 300lux

medical cannabis cleanroom