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Greenhouse Growing Table Layouts

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In order to reduce the risk for the Cannabis crop getting infected by different fungal diseases, it is important having the correct microclimate surrounding the plants.

Air flow / exchange and correct humidity are very important parameters to control, to minimize the risk of getting the plants infected with fungus.

Selecting the right irrigation tray have significant impact on how the surrounding air will circulate around the plants. We provide 3 different options to choose between, to optimize the microclimate in your grow solution.

For all layouts, installing fans, air-conditioning or a combination of those, it will improve air flow and prevent fungus growth.

All layouts can be used for Ebb/Flow irrigation or it can be used to collect water from drip irrigation.


The standard irrigation tray

The Ebb/Flow tray is a standard tray with a closed bottom. The tray is very flexible on how and where to place the plants. You can place the plants close together in the initial grow stage and place them with distance at a later grow stage.

Narrow standard trays

A certain number of narrow standard irrigation trays are put in a bench frame and positioned with distance between them.

Using this grow layout, you will improve the vertical air flow between the plants. The tradeoff is a reduced grow area and less flexibility.

Air trays

The air trays are created for improved air flow and mainly used in mobile bench systems. The trays are produced with one or several rows of oblong conical manifolds. When the manifolds are cut open, they will work as venturis. The circulating air will accelerate, and a slight pressure drop will occur around the outlets, causing continuous and improved airflow around the plants. Using the air trays, the bench frames can be put very close together, increasing the grow area significantly.


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