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Commercial Cannabis Growers Must-Read

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Here are a few tips for cannabis growers

Cannabis is considered to be a tough plant since it can be planted almost anywhere around the world with proper environmental setups. Yet, it often stresses the new growers out when common issues happen that cause decreased yield or even result in dead crops.

Should you not start your cannabis business because of all the common problems?

Definitely NOT. Although, there are many problems that may cause the plant producing less. But, it all can be taken care of if you are prepared for them. Determine the problems and treat your plants.

In this article, we will go through a few most frequent problems and solutions accordingly.

PH and Nutrient Balance

No matter you are planting in soil or doing hydroponics, the pH balance is crucial for cannabis growth. High pH levels cause important nutrients to precipitate out of the substrate and become inactive to the plant. It will result in slow growth and yellow leaves; Whereas, low pH levels may cause an overabundance of nutrients, leading to toxicity.

One common mistake that inexperienced growers often make is over-fertilizing. In reality, more nutrients do not always convert to better growth. Adding too much nutrient in the solution or soil may lead to a negative condition, nutrient burn.

How do we prevent pH and nutrient imbalance?

The answer is quite simple. Using a precisely controlled irrigation system can prevent this problem from happening. Ebb&Flow rolling bench is recommended for cannabis cultivation. The proper amount of fertilizers can be automatically applied to the crops while irrigation during all stages of cannabis.

Automated fertigation and irrigation system not only prevents the problems above but also reduces tons of labor, energy, fertilizer costs. By using this system, growers are able to set the ideal parameters and let it run automatically.

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Lighting Conditions Throughout All Stages of Cannabis

Lighting has been the most considered factor for many cannabis growers as it greatly impacts the quality and yield of the plant.

Commercial cannabis cultivation highly relies on photoperiod control because cannabis vegetative to flowering is triggered by day length changes. For cultivators that hoping to grow year-round, these progressions must be recreated utilizing a photoperiod control system. Supplemental lighting and shade are the two fundamental ways cultivators control the light cycle, yet inappropriate use may make considerably more issues, as hindered development and lower yield.

In the flowering stage, it tends to be hard to give the essential darkness all year. While a few cultivators use shade fabric to cover their plants, these techniques are difficult and may enable light to leak through, contrarily influencing the plant’s capacity to blossom. Light deprivation greenhouses, then again, can decrease labor works and improve plant growth.

These structures are intended to give all-out dimness by utilizing robotized conceal frameworks, disposing of the requirement for manual concealing. A light deprivation greenhouse additionally enables producers to exploit regular lighting, which furnishes cannabis with the full-range of light it needs and brings down vitality costs. With the advantages of common sunlight and photoperiod control, cultivators can make the perfect condition for developing cannabis, while additionally saving money on work and power. In any case, there might be times where supplemental lighting is required to guarantee harvests are accepting the ideal measure of light.

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