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Huifa Greenhouse Factory Tour, New Zealand Client

New Zealand client came to China and visited our factory and sample high tunnel greenhouse along with full set of Huifa greenhouse facilities. During the tour, the client was interested in our greenhouse products such as Huifa Ebb and Flow System and High Tunnel Greenhouse. Our professional engineer lead and general manager was there to introduce our products and sort out concerns that our client had. Client visit sample High Tunnel Greenhouse with Huifa GM and engineer lead. Professional greenhouse engineer [...]

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High Tunnel Greenhouse Plastic Film

High tunnel plastic film greenhouse might look pretty simple and straightforward, couples of metal pipes together covered with plastic film. However, the plastic film itself has complex factors that determines the quality and functionalities of it. Sample of Huifa Greenhouse Film Important Factors for Plastic Greenhouse Film Film Life: Most polyethylene greenhouse film has limited life span due to the degradation processes from the sunlight and heat. The cheap made film is a fairly good choice for seasonal greenhouses. The downside is the growers have to reinvest [...]

Why Choose Huifa Light Deprivation Greenhouse?

Huifa Light Deprivation Greenhouse uses special three-layer blackout curtains which grants growers full control of light exposure and climate condition to the plants. Light deprivation greenhouse are widely used in the cannabis industry and many growers choose to switch from indoor grow operations to the greenhouse which results in an improved yield, multiple harvests year round, lower production cost, and greater sustainability, etc. Huifa Light Deprivation Greenhouse Here are several benefit of using Huifa light deprivation greenhouse: Light deprivation systems are customized [...]

Huifa Engineers Installed Tropical Greenhouse for Client in Maldives

Huifa Greenhouse does not only offer high quality products but also has complete services throughout the whole process. Huifa engineer team is specialized in designing customized greenhouse solutions which fits clients’ needs and detailed videos and grapical manuals guarantee the greenhouse installation with ease. In late April, 2019, Huifa engineer team went overseas to visit a client in Maldives. Help installing the Huifa tropical sawtooth greenhouse. Tropical Sawtooth Project in Maldives Engineer Team Lead with Clients Huifa tropical sawtooth greenhouse construction is made [...]

Client Multi-Span Greenhouse Project, Australia

  Huifa engineer team helped to install the multi-span greenhouse and weed mat with manuals and video guidance. Huifa engineer team also created a sun shading solution for the poly carbonate greenhouse that actually suits the the weather condition and client’s needs. Our Australia client is satisfied with the quality of our products and overall service for the previous 2 orders. The client is negotiating details with us for the possible 3rd greenhouse products order. Huifa supplies all types of greenhouse over [...]

greenhouse construction

Greenhouse Construction

Greenhouse construction is finished after guiding by our Huifa engineer overseas and customer is very satisfied with sawtooth greenhouse.                Greenhouse Pipe                                          Hot-Dip  Galvanized Pipe   Greenhouse Ventilation                                              Greenhouse Manufacturer   Will give you greenhouse solution for greenhouse projects. Your [...]