Advantages of Ebb & Flow Rolling Bench for Growing Cannabis
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Advantages of Ebb & Flow Rolling Bench for Growing Cannabis

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In recent years, with the emphasis on agriculture, the entire industry has shown a booming trend. Many farmers have built greenhouses for the cultivation of commercial cannabis, flowers, vegetables, fruits, herbs, etc., and the demand for Ebb and Flow Benches for Greenhouse Hydroponic Cultivation is also increasing.


Working Principle


Ebb and Flow Rolling Benches also called Tital Seedbed or bottom-irrigated cultivation bed. When irrigating, the seedling tray is filled with water or nutrient solution, and it is allowed to stay for a certain period of time, so that the crops can absorb water through the drainage holes at the bottom of the flowerpot by capillary action. The irrigation water is then drained out of the cultivation bed, or collected and reused, or directly discharged to the local sewer. Tidal Irrigation Moving Seedbed is an advanced irrigation method with bottom water supply designed for potted plant nutrient hydroponics or container seedling and soilless cultivation. This method uses the principle of drop to realize regular water supply and fertilization. It can reduce nitrogen use by 30% to 35%, greatly improving nitrogen use efficiency.


Features of Movable Ebb and Flow Rolling Benches System


Tidal Irrigation is a mature agricultural irrigation technology, which has been widely used in developed countries, which solves the contradiction between irrigation and feeding, and is an efficient and high-energy agricultural technology.

1. Water-saving and high-efficiency, completely closed system cycle, can reach 90% utilization rate.

2. The speed of plant growth is faster, and the weekly seedling age can be 1 day earlier than the traditional seedling raising method, which improves the utilization rate of facilities.

3. Avoid the formation of water film on the leaves of plants, so that the leaves receive more light for photosynthesis, and promote the transpiration pull to absorb more nutrients from the roots.

4. Stable root medium moisture content to avoid capillary root death due to drought near the edge and bottom of the container.

5. The relative humidity is easy to control, keeping the leaves dry and reducing the usage of chemicals.

6. Can be used at any time, not limited by varieties, specifications, and time.


Ebb and flow rolling bench


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