Evaporative Cooling System Designated for Light Dep Greenhouse

Evaporative cooling system consists of 2 main parts; cooling fans and cooling pads.

Huifa Cooling fans offer high volume output and smooth operation powered by a high-efficiency motor.
Its main purpose is to promote indoor ventilation and cool down the temperature in the greenhouse.
Square box design for easy installation.
The fan is equipped with light deprivation hood to prevent light goes inside through cooling fans.

Cooling pad installed in the northern end of the greenhouse, greenhouse fan mounted in the southern end. When you need to cool down, start the fan, air is forced out of the greenhouse, resulting in negative pressure; at the same time, the pump will hit the water across the cooling pad wall. When the outdoor air is sucked vacuum chamber at a constant speed through the gap from the cooling pad, leading to water evaporation, cooling, cool air flows through the greenhouse, interior heat absorbed by the exhaust fan, so as to achieve the purpose of cooling.

The system uses an aluminum frame, a beautiful shape, border, heat distortion is small.

greenhouse cooling system

Cooling fans and cooling pads utilize evaporative cooling. It reduces air temperature by evaporation of water into the airstream. As water evaporates, energy is lost from the air causing the temperature drop. Two temperatures are essential when dealing with evaporative cooling systems.