Greenhouse – a new technology to promote agricultural development
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Greenhouse – a new technology to promote agricultural development

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Now, we can also eat out-of-season fruits and vegetables in the cold winter, and the greenhouse is a natural contributor. In the understanding of many people, the greenhouse should be the product of modern scientific progress. However, as early as more than 2,000 years ago, the ancients were able to cultivate a variety of vegetables using certain protection facilities. With the development of the times, agricultural greenhouses have already transformed from primitive greenhouses into multi-functional greenhouses, opening up a broader path for the green growth and characteristic development of agriculture. Today, let us experience the tremendous changes brought by technology to agriculture in a greenhouse “travel”.
China is one of the countries with the earliest origin of greenhouse cultivation in the world. The history of using protected facilities to cultivate vegetables is quite long, and there are relevant records in historical records. It can be seen that there were some simple facilities in ancient China to cultivate off-season crops for human enjoyment. In Europe in the 3rd century AD, the ancient Roman emperor loved to eat snake gourd all year round, so after the end of its normal growing season, snake gourd was grown in a wooden box with soil in a room, and the room was fitted with The mica flakes can not only allow sunlight to penetrate into the room, but also maintain the indoor temperature. It seems now that the principle of growing snake gourd at that time is basically the same as that of modern greenhouses.
Early greenhouses often faced the problem of heat preservation. The history of scientific and technological progress in greenhouses is also a history of research and exploration of greenhouse heating equipment. The ancient Romans built pipes under the greenhouse floor to transfer heat, and the French used to burn dung to warm the greenhouse. Similar to it is the fire-hwan-type greenhouse in the Ming and Qing Dynasties of China.
On the other hand, Europe began to use the heat of solar radiation to promote the warming of greenhouses, which began with the large-scale application of glass in Britain in 1851. The energy saving and environmental protection of glass greenhouses and the convenience of ventilation and moisture removal are the reasons for its popularity. With the progress of production technology, the construction of greenhouses has entered a real golden period, and has left many models for future generations. However, modern greenhouses in my country did not start until the 1950s, and large-scale glass greenhouses with roof ridges were built in North China. The history of the development of Chinese and Western greenhouses is the history of your singing and me coming on stage. During the thousand years of development, a modern agricultural system represented by specialization, intensification and scale has gradually formed.

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