Growing cannabis is not difficult for beginners
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Growing cannabis is not difficult for beginners

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Are you looking for the basic knowledge about growing cannabis? This introduction provides information on the basic tools and materials needed to grow cannabis in a greenhouse. All you need is a suitable venue and budget to start your cannabis growing journey.

Growing cannabis is not as difficult as it seems. However, there are some things all growers should know. Paying attention to these things can help you have more success and less frustration in the planting process.


Step 1: Decide whether to grow in a greenhouse or outdoors

Outdoor growing can be done with a relatively simple kit and basic fertilizer. However, greenhouse cultivation can be simple or complex. You can grow outdoors, provided the climate is warm and a minimum of 8 hours per day of sunlight is available. Indoor cultivation can be an ongoing, 365 days a year operation.

As the largest manufacturer of greenhouse facilities in China, we will focus on analyzing the precautions for growing cannabis in light deprivation greenhouses.


Climate control -Make sure your greenhouse gets the right amount of light

Depending on the different growth stages of the cannabis crop, managing the amount of light correctly is a complex task. Our greenhouse solutions make the most of natural light, plus our lighting technologies (LED, HPS, photoperiod) and screen systems (shading, insulation, light blocking) allow crops to grow in line with your crop production schedule, giving you early harvests joy.


Precision irrigation

Maintaining proper water and fertilizer usage is a key factor when growing commercial cannabis. Crops need a lot of water, but overwatering can also be harmful. The right irrigation system (drip, sprinkler, sub-irrigation) will provide the right amount of water at the right time. The integration of irrigation water and fertilizers ensures that crops meet technical requirements at all stages of growth


Humidity setting

During the growing stage of the plant, it needs to maintain a high humidity, but during the flowering and drying stages, the humidity should decrease. Our equipment raises or lowers humidity levels in individual growing areas (compartments), ensuring plants thrive as much as possible


Manage temperature

Optimal temperature control is a key factor in obtaining a high-quality product. We will place the heating where your crops grow and set up the most suitable cooling system. The air flow required to keep the seedlings healthy is carefully calculated and designed, and there is a best fit for each different project.


Greenhouse ventilation

It is very important for the grower that the crops in the greenhouse grow evenly. By circulating the air, a constant greenhouse climate is created, limiting the risk of plant disease and moisture damage. This can simplify business operations and increase production.


Tailor-made greenhouse projects for cannabis growers

We have served thousands of clients, depending on each client's project, we will study each case individually to determine its specific requirements and provide the best solution. Combine your project with our technology and make your cannabis cultivation project a good yield.

Any questions please feel free to consult us, we can provide you cannabis cultivation solutions, online chat service!