High Tunnel Greenhouse Plastic Film
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High Tunnel Greenhouse Plastic Film

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High tunnel plastic film greenhouse might look pretty simple and straightforward, couples of metal pipes together covered with plastic film. However, the plastic film itself has complex factors that determines the quality and functionalities of it.

Sample of Huifa Greenhouse Film

Sample of Huifa Greenhouse Film

Important Factors for Plastic Greenhouse Film

Film Life:

Most polyethylene greenhouse film has limited life span due to the degradation processes from the sunlight and heat. The cheap made film is a fairly good choice for seasonal greenhouses. The downside is the growers have to reinvest money and labour to rebuild their greenhouses once in a while.

Huifa uses special films that adds an additional layer of anti-ultraviolet coating which expand the life spand of the film to about 5 years.

Condensate Control:

In another word, anti-drip, condensation can be a serious issue for greenhouses for many reasons. Condensation can affect the light transmission and spreads diseases to plants within a greenhouse. Choose anti-drip greenhouse film is a must for every greenhouse growers.


Light Transmission:

According to “rule-of-thumb”, 1 percent increase in sunlight equals 1 percent increase in plant growth. At Huifa, we use top quality PEP films with 88% light transmission.