How to Apply for Cannabis Licenses and Permits
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How to Apply for Cannabis Licenses and Permits

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Cannabis Growing

Cannabis Growing


First of all, taking California as an example, the government agency responsible for managing the license/license/license of marijuana business is:

-Bureau of Cannabis Control

-Department of Food and Agriculture

-Department of Public Health

To obtain a provisional cannabis license, you must demonstrate to the state that you have received approval from your community, including a city permit or simply a letter of support from a local official.

Initially (2017), only the health department, which oversees cannabis manufacturers and food manufacturers, issued temporary license forms for applicants to fill out. The license is valid for 120 days but can be extended for 90 days.

There are two types of cannabis licenses - Adult Use ("A") and Medical ("M"). "A" and "M" licensed companies can only carry on business within their authorized business areas.

About the size of the business premises

The government has special restrictions on medium-sized cannabis-growing companies, which can only be licensed for an acre of outdoor cultivation, or a 22,000-square-foot indoor plant.

But it's legal for cultivators to obtain multiple "small" licenses -- for example, allowing multiple 10,000-foot plants to open in the same area.

But then the cost will be higher because the business has to pay for 10 "small" licenses.

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