Considerations to Think About When Selecting a Greenhouse:

Location of the greenhouses should be part of the decision,as placement of the structure and topographical challenges will determine the size and scale of the structure. Additionally, the overall function of the greenhouse should be considered.

Although there are three main designs of greenhouses, there are no cookie cutter operations. No two greenhouses are exactly alike and this is based on goals, crops, and overall function of the greenhouse. Is it an all-season greenhouse or one that is used for extending one growing season?

Deciding Which Greenhouse is Right For the Operation:

When choosing a greenhouse structure the grower should look at eight key considerations. These are simplicity, structure design, covering of greenhouse, retaining heat, overall heating during cooler months, preventing heat loss, cooling considerations, ventilation, and lighting. All of these considerations need to be decided with the best interests in mind as well as capabilities of installation and budget of the operation.

There is a lot to consider and one should be aware that no two operations are alike. To help with making the important decisions on the right design for the operations it is wise to consult with build and install companies to make recommendations. HuiFa Group now offers services for the commercial horticulture operation from installs, builds, design, testing, and more. With decades of in field knowledge and experience, HF agriculture’s experts and agronomists are able to make wise recommendations for the commercial operation based on goals, location, and budget.

With a team of specialized designers, consultants, subcontractors, and agronomists to get new or upgraded facilities running quickly, effectively, and efficiently- taking almost all of the stress of upgrades and new commercial grow build-outs.