Why Choose Huifa Light Deprivation Greenhouse?

Huifa Light Deprivation Greenhouse uses special three-layer blackout curtains which grants growers full control of light exposure and climate condition to the plants. Light deprivation greenhouse are widely used in the cannabis industry and many growers choose to switch from indoor grow operations to the greenhouse which results in an improved yield, multiple harvests year round, lower production cost, and greater sustainability, etc.

Huifa Light Deprivation Greenhouse

Here are several benefit of using Huifa light deprivation greenhouse:

  1. Light deprivation systems are customized for the greenhouse structure
  2. Offers growers great flexibility when staging the crop cycles.
  3. Protect crops from light contamination from neighbors, street lights, etc.
  4. Reduce the amount of supplemental light reflecting out of the greenhouse at night.
  5. Blackout curtain provides simplicity, ease of installation, operation and control.
  6. Light deprivation curtains are UV-stabilized for longest lifespan.
  7. Offers daylight control and additional energy savings.

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