Client Multi-Span Greenhouse Project, Australia
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Client Multi-Span Greenhouse Project, Australia

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Huifa engineer team helped to install the multi-span greenhouse and weed mat with manuals and video guidance. Huifa engineer team also created a sun shading solution for the poly carbonate greenhouse that actually suits the the weather condition and client’s needs.


Multi-Span Greenhouse


Our Australia client is satisfied with the quality of our products and overall service for the previous 2 orders. The client is negotiating details with us for the possible 3rd greenhouse products order.

Huifa supplies all types of greenhouse over 12 years including single, multi span greenhouse, tropical greenhouse, cannabis light deprivation greenhouse, etc. Huifa is also specialized in greenhouse related equipment and accessories such as ebb and flow hydroponic system, climate control system and other useful greenhouse components.

Strong engineer team adapts and work hard to help hundreds of clients to create their greenhouse project solutions.

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