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Mushroom Greenhouse
Mushroom Greenhouse
Mushroom Greenhouse
Mushroom Greenhouse
Mushroom Greenhouse
Mushroom Greenhouse

Mushroom Greenhouse

The growing of mushroom require a wet, low temperature situation. So the greenhouse for it must be black out and of high humidity.


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Product Description

* Black white film greenhouse mostly applicated to poultry farming, livestock breeding, mushroom cultivation, grass and feed storage.
* Main characteristics: anti-aging, high inulation effect,can use 3-5 years.

Black White film

1.150micron,100% shading light

2.Mater: Metallocene, LLDPE, HDPE, EVA,Tear Resistance 15gf/mic,Dart Drop:1000G
3.3-5year guarantee period

Frame material

1.The main framework designed to meet the "GB50017-2003Steel Design Code";
2.The steel material meets the "GB700-88carbon steel";
3.Hot dip galvanizing layer steel products technical requirements hot
Technical Parameter
100% new PE with UV
Span width
6m,8m,10m or as your request
24-100m or as your request
Span quantity
2-10 ,more for your choose
Gutter high
3m or as your request
Roof high
1.8m or as your request
Resistance to wind load
Resistance to snow load
Dead load
Hang load
8 grade

1. With a moderate degree of shading, to meet the growth of mushroom fruiting bodies.
2, the cost is small, can be widely promoted.
3. Can play a role in warming and cooling


The frame of hot-galvanizing steel is necessary to resist the corrosion from the wet situation.

1.It has moisture resistance, so it has a long service life.
2.There is no inner column and the structure space is large. The beams of the frame are made by one-step forming technology.

The covering material of PEP for the mushroom greenhouse.

The PE film is composed of 3 layers.
1.The first layer is PE which is anti aging and dust proof.
2.The middle layer is EVA for the insulation
3.The third layer is PE for inner space. It is anti aging and auxiliary treated of anti-drip.

Ventilation system

The top roof and both sides have the vents. Outside greenhouse & inside little greenhouse both have the shading net and film rollers.

Planting racks

We could also supply the planting rack for you. The size could be customized.