Modern cannabis greenhouses have significant advantages over traditional indoor&outdoor cultivation methods.

The old fashion ways may not require much upfront investments. However, the growers finds insufficient controls over key environmental factors. In a modern cannabis greenhouse, environmental conditions can be easily managed under the automated control system to provide the best environment for cannabis growing.

In this article, I’m going to discuss 5 must-have equipments for a modern cannabis greenhouse.


Optimized lighting and heating system is crucial for cannabis cultivation. Energy cost has always been the most concerns for growers since it could really costs A LOT.

Therefore, a well designed lighting fixture system should not only use energy efficient lights but also optimize with the free lighting source, the sun. In an automated cannabis greenhouse, the black-out system is designed to create the suitable lighting condition for cannabis growing. Providing complete darkness in dark cycle and allowing sun light goes in when needed.

You will want to track DLI (Daily Light Integral), the number of light particles that are received in one day. DLI affects plant growth and its stems, root system, and flowering stage. To track and control the DLI is the key of successful cannabis cultivation.

Control System

Automated control systems is used to maintain optimized growing environment in the greenhouse while significantly reduce labor usage. It mainly controls temperature, humidity, Co2 level, moisture and ferilizer. Growers can define the parameters of the systems and let it operates by itself, of course, under controlled.

This system would also track the growing environment while operating so that the growers can refer to the data to make changes accordingly.


Well designed ventilation system should incorporate with both natural ventilation such as roof vents and sidewall vents and mechanical driven systems like exhaust fans.

Cannabis cultivation usually requires good air ventilation to remove hot air and keep air moving within the greenhouse.


Sensors are critical for modern cannabis greenhouse since it works closely with the automated systems by giving insight of what to do to the control system.

Remote Control

Remote control grants growers the ability to operate their growing facilities on a smart phone, tablet when off-site. Growers are able to receive 24/7 data from the sensors to monitor the greenhouse and make any adjustments.

This becomes more important to large scale cannabis cultivation because the growers may not be able to be physcially present at all time.


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