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Paraguay Client Multi Span Greenhouse Project

Firstly, I want to say congratulations to our Paraguay clients that their desired project is completed as expected. This is basically going to be the feedback from the clients as well as these beautiful photos. Our engineer lead Gavin had been helping and answering questions about greenhouse installation throughout the project. Photos below are taken by our client from empty site to 8 span polytunnels:    


Polytunnel Greenhouse Project in Malaysia

Huifa recently sent the engineering team over to Malaysia to help the clients to build their polytunnel greenhouses. The project is built smoothly in approximately 7 days including a 170ft*26ft single span film greenhouse with roof ventilation, rain gutter, and cooling system. The greenhouse frames are durable zinc coated hot galvanized steel tube that lasts at least 15 years. Lower maintenance cost means more profit in the long term. These square tubes are all precut and ready to be installed. Making a purchase [...]

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Evaporative Cooling System Designated for Light Dep Greenhouse

Evaporative cooling system consists of 2 main parts; cooling fans and cooling pads. Huifa Cooling fans offer high volume output and smooth operation powered by a high-efficiency motor. Its main purpose is to promote indoor ventilation and cool down the temperature in the greenhouse. Square box design for easy installation. The fan is equipped with light deprivation hood to prevent light goes inside through cooling fans. Cooling pad installed in the northern end of the greenhouse, greenhouse fan mounted in the southern end. When you [...]


Start Your Cannabis Business Now

Cannabis is now legal in so many countries and territories while many others are in the process of marijuana legality. America has over 60 percent of the area that is cannabis legal while Canada recently made cannabis legal country-wise. It naturally increases the demand for cannabis. Therefore, it’s possibly the best time to join the cannabis cultivation business. Huifa has been in the greenhouse industry for over a decade with a team that is full of experienced specialists. We do [...]

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7 Tips to Optimize Your Light Deprivation Greenhouse

Today, many growers choose light deprivation greenhouse to grow cannabis as it provides the best growing conditions and grants full environmental control for the growers. However, greenhouse optimaztion is rarely known. Here are 7 tips that greenhouse experts sum up that will squeeze the last drop of performance from your greenhouses. Reliable Foundation: Similarly as with anything, particularly structures, achievement will originate from a steady establishment. Beside catastrophic events, your nursery ought to have the option to confront the hardest of climate [...]

Worry about the Greenhouse installation?

Greenhouse Installation There is a very tough problem for many growers that is greenhouse installation. As a expert about the greenhouse, Huifa will give a great solution for install greenhouse. overseas greenhouse installation Depending on the project, intricate greenhouses may be difficult for some growers to construct. But Huifa can solve this problem. Huifa uses experienced groups that can ensure each project finished rapidly and effectively. Clients may likewise introduce their own structure. Huifa can send a professional director to control the process. 1. Normal Greenhouse Installation Huifa’s greenhouse with very simple [...]

High Tunnel Greenhouse Advantages.Growers’ Choice.

high tunnel greenhouse advantages High Tunnel Greenhouse Advantages. Let’s Explore It! High tunnel greenhouse, or hoop house has always been the most popular growing method for growers due to its low cost and high efficiency characteristics. Tunnel greenhouse can help farmers extend the growing season, increase yields year round and protect the crops from various envirmental threats such as pests and snow. High tunnels are one of the simplist commercial structures for growers on a fairly large scale. It’s easy to build [...]

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Greenhouse Pests Control

Managing the surroundings within your greenhouse is essential, and important is preserving pests from it. The cozy, humid conditions of any greenhouse help increase growing times or create a perfect setting for vegetation to thrive. Alas, those same circumstances make for an ideal breeding soil for pests. Since they can flourish minus the presence of these natural predators in the greenhouse, pests can inflict serious damage rapidly if not discovered and controlled in early stages. Luckily for us, before it reaches that [...]


Recent Huifa Greenhouse F.A.Qs

This is an array of frequently asked question from clients of Huifa Greenhouse. Send an inquiry to get a same-day quote now.   Question: How long does it take to install a light deprivation greenhouse? Answer: It only takes half of a week with 3-4 people. We provide complete installation manual and video guidance along with the products. Encounter difficulties while installing? No problem! Our professional engineer team is prepared to solve any of your concerns. Question: Can you make high tunnel greenhouse in a [...]

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What You Need for a Commercial Greenhouse Project

Whether you’re building a single span greenhouse or creating a ten hectare greenhouse variety, new greenhouse development is section of building your developing business. For most growers the engineering process is thrilling full of expectation as you see your dreams learning to be a reality. For some other growers, greenhouse engineering brings on a sense of stress and anxiety as individual and corporate methods must be guided to a location of the business enterprise they are significantly less acquainted with. [...]